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Wednesday 31.05.23

  • Fixed a bug in which the Play button in the video editor would go to frames that have not been rendered yet
  • Fixed a major inconvenience in which new frames would update the current position of the cursor after the stop button has been pressed.

Sunday 28.05.23

  • New landing page video together with new landing page title texts

Friday 26.05.23

New prompt helper on neural frames

Monday 22.05.23

  • Generation speed of smoothing frames is ~20% faster now.

Sunday 21.05.23

  • Optimization of the backend infrastructure. Takes time. Goal is to reduce costs.

Thursday 18.05.23

  • New account page, where information about users is shown (models left, rendering seconds left, etc), and where they can top up credits or modify their subscription
  • Custom models can be deleted now

Wednesday 17.05.23

  • Gave the pricing page an overhaul, with social media embeds of what other people have posted

Tuesday 16.05.23

  • Video generation speed is increased by 150%. 🚀
  • Fixed a bug in which the used AI model wasn't the actual selected one
  • Upscaling should be much faster and more reliable now

Sunday 14.05.23

  • Major breakthrough in technology: An Undo button on the first-frame generation 🧠

Saturday 13.05.23

  • A for loop that reduced the number of connection failures by 90%

Friday, 12.05.23

  • Introducing Video inputs. You can now upload a video instead an image and animate from there. Powerful and viral technology.

Sunday, 09.05.23

  • Going viral on Tiktok, keeping things alive

Saturday, 08.05.23

  • Complete overhaul of the video page

Friday, 07.05.23

  • Fixed a bug in which paid users were assumed to be non-paying users after training of a custom model
  • Had more issues with the subscription payment system but I think now it actually works for real this time. 🥸

Thursday, 06.05.23

  • Fixed a horrible bug with which users who subscribed got redirected to an error page and their status was not updated in the database.

Wednesday, 05.05.23

  • Fixed a bug in which the first frame would disappear and instead be replaced with the second frame
  • Fixed how videos are stored in the database. Should make things more reliable and scalable in the future
  • CLIP interrogator is now running on a separate instance -> hopefully makes GPU more reliable
  • There should be fewer frame jumps when rendering from somewhere within an already existing clip (this was a hard one! I hope it's good now)
  • Added Undo and Redo functionality 🥳

Tuesday, 04.05.23

  • Discord bot that automatically posts new videos to the discord channel (if the user allows us to publish)
  • Lots of traffic due to Ben's Bites newsletter, quite some issues with GPU-load related stuff

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