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How to make a music video to a song of yours with the help of AI

How to make a music video to a song of yours with the help of AI

At the bottom of this article is a YouTube tutorial about the process described here.

As someone who has dabbled in various creative domains, from being a musician to exploring the vast universe of tech, I've always been on the lookout for tools that can blend these worlds seamlessly. Recently, I stumbled upon a remarkable AI music video generator that allowed me to dive back into my past and bring a piece of it into the future.

A Blast from the Past

While sifting through an old hard drive, I stumbled upon a relic from my musical days: a track titled "Reise ans Ende der Dunkelheit" (Journey to the End of the Darkness). It wasn't just any song; It was the first song with my first analog synthesizer that I REALLY liked. For years, its chords and lyrics had eluded me, almost to the point where I questioned its very existence. But there it was, waiting to be rediscovered.

Embracing the Future with the AI animation generator Neural Frames

Fast forward to today, where digital tools have evolved exponentially. I thought, why not use this technological marvel to give my old tune a visual upgrade? Enter neural frames - an AI music video generator that's causing quite a buzz in the digital sphere.

To the uninitiated, neural frames allows users to generate AI animations, especially with their latest model: Stable Diffusion XL. Its image generation qualities, touted by many as revolutionary, caught my attention. Neural frames is one of the only video generation tools out there, that allows creating videos with this model.

An AI music video generated with Stable Diffusion XL by Ben Nash

Crafting the AI Generated Music Video

The process was smooth and intuitive. Given the gloomy and rainy vibe of my track (much reminiscent of the atmospheres in Kafka's works), I set the AI to produce visuals that resonate with "rainy streets" and "gloomy atmospheres." The results? Nothing short of spectacular.

But what truly sets Neural Frames apart is its ability to modulate visuals based on different instrumental aspects of a song. For my track, I played with modulations based on the snare, kick drum, and even the bassline! Each tweak brought a new depth to the visuals, making the entire experience feel like painting with sound.

Why You Should Dive into AI-Generated Music Videos

If you've ever wondered how to make a music video that stands out, AI might just be your answer. Not only does it simplify the creative process, but it also offers a unique aesthetic that's hard to achieve with traditional methods. And for those who have a treasure trove of old tunes, this could be your chance to breathe new life into them.

Remember, you don't need a massive budget or a professional crew to make your music come alive visually. With tools like Neural Frames, the power is right at your fingertips.

Creating an AI music video to a song of mine in 10 minutes.

Take the Leap

Feel inspired? I sure hope so. Remember, the future of music videos is here, and it's AI-powered. Whether you're a seasoned musician or someone looking to venture into the world of digital artistry, take the plunge. Dive into the realm of AI generated music videos and see where your creativity takes you.

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