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Terms of Service for Neural Frames


  • 1) You are above 18 years old.

  • 2) You are responsible for what you are generating on neural frames.

  • 3) Neural Frames uses an AI to create its output. They can be weird, funny, scary, or inappropriate. You are not gonna hold us responsible for that.

These Terms of Service (hereinafter “Terms”) delineate the rights you possess regarding the AI-generated visuals, animations, music, and other multimedia assets you produce (referred to as the “Creations”) through our platform, your utilization of Neural Frames, and other pivotal matters. Read through carefully.

This Terms agreement is forged between Neural Frames and the individual or entity agreeing to the stipulated conditions ("User"). It governs the User's access to and utilization of Neural Frames.

These Terms come into effect when the User encounters these conditions and elects to use Neural Frames (the "Commencement Date") or to obtain or disseminate Creations. Periodically, these Terms may be revised and reintroduced to the User. Continued engagement with Neural Frames signals acceptance of any revised conditions. If you oppose these Terms, refrain from using the platform.

Certain referenced documents may also determine the User's engagement with Neural Frames.

Service Accessibility and Standards

We consistently refine Neural Frames to optimize your experience. Consequently, alterations may transpire, encompassing but not restricted to the aesthetic of Creations, the AI methodologies for their generation, and available features to users. We offer no guarantees regarding the quality, continuity, accessibility, or dependability of Neural Frames. Avoid establishing reliance on specific attributes of the platform or Creations. Any repercussions arising from reliance on Neural Frames will not make us liable.

Both Neural Frames and the Creations are made available on an "AS IS" BASIS, devoid of warranties, either overt or implied, inclusive of but not confined to conditions of authenticity, non-violation, marketability, or fitness for specific endeavors. It's up to you to gauge the viability of using or distributing the Creations and to understand any risks entailed in using Neural Frames.

Neural Frames retains the prerogative to restrict or revoke your access at any juncture and for any rationale. The platform is not to be used for competitive analysis. Reverse engineering of Neural Frames or Creations is prohibited. Automated tools for access or interaction are forbidden. Only one individual may operate Neural Frames per registered profile. A sole account is permissible for each user.

We maintain the right to probe grievances or alleged breaches of our Terms and to undertake any action we deem fit, encompassing but not restricted to reporting perceived illegal actions to legal entities and revealing requisite data to them.

Age Restrictions

By engaging with Neural Frames, you affirm that you’re 18 years or older and align with the digital consent age in your nation. If you're of sufficient age for access but lack the age for legal agreement to our Terms, a guardian or parent must concur on your behalf.

Guardians or parents should review these conditions alongside minors. If you’re a guardian and you authorize your adolescent's use of Neural Frames, these conditions apply to you, holding you accountable for their activities on the platform.

Given that Creations are AI-driven based on user inputs, some outputs might be unsuitable for those below 18. As an emergent technology, results may vary. No assurances are provided concerning the appropriateness of Creations.

Data Privacy

By employing Neural Frames, you may impart personal data such as email, username, preferences, and AI-generated content. Both parties are committed to abiding by all relevant data protection legislation. If data privacy or transfer terms need to be agreed upon, both parties will collaborate earnestly to finalize them.

Intellectual Property

Ensure you possess all requisite permissions before introducing copyrighted materials to the platform. If copyrighted content, like a song, is uploaded, Neural Frames bears no liability for the Creations' use. Abide by all copyright regulations while operating Neural Frames.

Rights Accorded to Neural Frames

By engaging with Neural Frames, you grant us a perpetual, global, non-exclusive, sublicensable, royalty-free license over the Creations and inputs. However, explicit consent, whether written or electronic, is requisite from you for any specific actions involving your Creations, guaranteeing that your content is employed solely as you approve.

Your Entitlements

Apart from the aforementioned licensing, Creations produced via Neural Frames are your property unless exceptions apply.

Infringements and Takedown Procedures

Neural Frames leverages AI, which occasionally might produce outputs resembling copyrighted or trademarked content. We respect intellectual property rights globally. If you believe Neural Frames infringes upon your rights, reach out to


Neural Frames is provided without guarantees. We are not accountable for losses, whether they arise from profit, goodwill, data, or any indirect damages. Your engagement with Neural Frames is at your risk. Should your actions result in legal expenses for us, we will seek reimbursement.

Other Provisions

Your operation of Neural Frames is also governed by certain licensing and use conditions as mentioned in our dedicated licenses section.

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