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A super simple Spotify Canvas maker

A super simple Spotify Canvas maker

As a musician, you know that connecting with your audience is essential for success. That's where Spotify Canvas comes in, offering a unique way to enhance your listeners' experience by adding looping visuals to your tracks. In fact, compelling Canvas content has been shown to increase track streams by up to 120%, saves by up to 114%, and contribute to lifts in artist profile visits and shares. With such potential to boost your music's reach, it's no wonder artists are eager to create standout Canvases.

However, producing an exceptional Canvas can require significant time and effort or costs, which is where neural frames enters the scene. In this blog post, we are thrilled to introduce you to neural frames, an AI-based video generation tool designed to transform the way you create your Spotify Canvas. With the power of artificial intelligence at your fingertips, you can now produce stunning visuals that captivate your audience, without the need for hours of work or technical expertise. Our cutting-edge technology allows you to fully express your creativity while effortlessly aligning your visuals with your unique sound and style.

Join us as we explore the ins and outs of neural frames, providing you with step-by-step instructions to make the most out of this revolutionary tool, and ultimately, take your Spotify Canvas to the next level. Get ready to redefine your listeners' experience, amplify your artistic impact, and harness the power of AI to unlock the full potential of Spotify Canvas.

First step

The first step to your AI animation generation, is the first frame. Type in whatever you want to see, be it complex or easy. In my case, I am not so creative with these text prompts, and I just type in "fractal universe". We leave the rest of the settings untouched and it is just important that the format is set to portrait mode (9:16).

The prompt "fractal universe" with the model "OpenJourney".

Particularly with the AI "OpenJourney", this produces stunning visuals out of nothing. We get the chance to select between four of those, and once selected, enter the video editor.

Video generation

The video editor look complicated but becomes your best friend after playing with it for a while.

A Spotify canvas is required to be between 3 and 8 seconds long. Although you have full flexibility to create amazing prompt and setting transitions, for a clip this short, none of that is required. Drag the initial prompt duration to something just below 4 seconds (we are gonna double the length later by adding the reversed clip). In my case, I set a high smoothing factor (which is a magnitude for how smooth the generated animation will look like) and am zooming in slightly. Strength is chosen as 0.64 - this is a personal preference for these settings. Doesn't hurt also to experiment with the strength a little bit. Then click on Render from cursor and wait a few seconds, as the AI spits out the frames of your animation.

When it's done, you can export the clip by clicking on the top right orange button and put the checkmark at "loop with reversed clip" which, will make a nice looping animation.

The export menu allows for looping with the reversed clip which creates nice and smooth animations.

Next we download the video and upload it in Spotify for Artists. And that's it! The whole process took not more than a few minutes and you have a cutting-edge AI animation dancing with your song. Note that the initial prompt can be anything you want - and this is the magic of neural frames.

The total costs for this Spotify Canvas were 0.15$ with the lowest tier and 0.07$ with the highest.

A video clip of the AI animation generation for Spotify canvas with neural frames

Here's a video clip of the whole procedure. Happy rendering!

No VC money, just a physicist turned indiehacker in love with text-to-video. Contact me here: contact(at) This website is greatly inspired by Deforum, but doesn't actually use it. For inspiration on prompts, I recommend Civitai.

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