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Areas of use

Bring your musical vision to life with our AI music video generator. You can upload your song, have our algorithms extract the stems from the song, which allows you to modulate your video based on the kick, snare, the keys, or whatever you want. neural frames feels like a digital audio workstation for video. A game changer for Spotify canvas, clips for social media and full-length video clips alike.


How it works

Our AI music video generator takes words as inputs - so called prompts - which an AI will convert to motion content. The AI is based on Stable Diffusion, an artificial neural network that has seen 2.7 billion images. We have an AI-based prompt assistant to support with the tedious task of coming up with AI video prompts.

What others are saying

Ben Nash
Ben Nash
Designer, Developer & AI Artist

The first time I grasped the concept of neural frames, it felt akin to the wonder I experienced when I first delved into tools like Photoshop or After Effects. neural frames empowers artists, providing them with unparalleled abilities to craft astonishing videos that seamlessly blend visuals with various musical elements. It's a revolutionary tool for music video creators, standing in a league of its own with no comparable counterparts.

Aidan McCullen
Aidan McCullen
Author & Host of The Innovation Show

neural frames is the perfect AI-collaboration partner. It helps me create visuals for my articles and videos for my podcasts. Often, it brings me in new directions that I would never have thought of alone.

Thiago Monteiro
Thiago Monteiro

I have been searching for an AI video creation tool for some time, and I'm delighted to have finally found a solution. neural frames has exceeded my expectations with its versatile features and has opened up new possibilities for me to create engaging short content for various projects.

Brian Ortencio
Brian Ortencio
Web3 Coder and Beatmaker

neural frames is a game changer! It took my NFT projects from stagnant boring stills to super dope animation visuals and with awesome consistency. No AI tool comes close in ease of use and being User friendly. All you need is some unique fresh prompts! NFT Visuals with beats and Neural Frames is for the streets! ✊

Toby Hyder
Toby Hyder
Filmmaker and Digital Artist

Chaotically profound visual clay! It's hard not to fall in love with this artistic and addictive AI tool. I recommend anyone try it and start collaborating with this pioneering art machine!

Robin Schacht
Robin Schacht
Musician and Producer

I made a 10-minute music video for a song of mine with neural frames and had a blast doing it. I was able to create a whole new world for my song, 100x cheaper and faster than with any other solution.

Our subscription options

Join hundreds of other creators. We offer the most control and the fastest GPUs out there.

Money back guarantee: If you rendered less than 20 seconds after subscribing and are not satisfied with the product, we'll refund you, no questions asked.

Neural Newbie


6 seconds of video generation

1 standard model

No custom models

3x prompt enhancer



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Neural Navigator


12 minutes of video generation

4 standard models

3 custom models

30x prompt enhancer

720p upscaling


Most Popular

Neural Knight


36 minutes of video generation

6 standard models

6 custom models

∞ prompt enhancers

Audioreactive effects

1080p upscaling


Neural Ninja


Unlimited video generation

6 standard models

15 Custom models

∞ prompt enhancers

Audioreactive effects

4k upscaling


All our subscriptions include:

  • A100 GPUs - the fastest GPUs out there (up to 3x faster than competitors)
  • Real-time access to the generation process guarantees full-control at any time
  • The worlds' most beautiful upscaler - with no extra charge
  • 25 frames per second, 40% more fluid animations than competitors
  • An AI assistant that helps writing prompts
  • Store and load your favorite prompts
  • Fine-grained camera controls
  • Add music to your videos
  • Ultrasmooth frame interpolation, you control the amount of smooth or trippyness
  • Image and Video input
  • Cancel at any time
  • If you run out of credits, you can top up for 11$ to receive 4 minutes and 1 fine tune
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Credits always roll over to the next month


Do I own the rights on my videos?
All created videos belong to you and no one else. We do not claim any rights to your videos. We will not use your videos unless you explicitly allow us to. If you create videos of objects that are protected by copyright, you are solely responsible for it. The same applies to uploaded audio files.
What are standard models?
neural frames allows you to choose between up to six standard models that all have their unique touches, just as every human intelligence has its own beauty. We have specialist models, which are particularly good in e.g. photorealistic or manga imagery and we have allrounder models that are all beautiful but have their own look. It's fun to play with different models and befriend them.
What are custom models?
Additionally to standard models, you can train your own AI models on any person, object or style. It works by uploading 10-20 images of object/person. This can be a super cool feature to achieve character consistency or to make ads. You can also use custom models to achieve certain styles. In this case, it is recommended to upload 50-100 images of that style.
What is upscaling?
Current video-generation AI models are trained on relatively low visual resolution, therefore an upscaling step is needed to get crisp videos of high resolution. Here, we have an extra AI that does nothing else but improving the videos and increasing their resolution. And it does so with absolute beauty. Unlike competitors, we don't charge extra for upscaling - in fact it is being done for every exported video by default and we are happy about every upscaled video we see.

News & Articles

No VC money, just a physicist turned indiehacker in love with text-to-video. Contact me here: contact(at) This website is greatly inspired by Deforum, but doesn't actually use it. For inspiration on prompts, I recommend Civitai.

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